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Leaduzz was established in 2011 as a combination group of product inovation, production and sale. With high speed developments of these years, Leaduzz has become one of the largest supplier in the field of green building materials. Leaduzz is the professional supplier of green building materials, whose feature products include the Bare Concrete Wall Panel series, the Fiber Cement Board series, the Magnesium Board series, the Acoustic Board series, etc.

Bare Concrete Wall is a kind of the Architectural Form in the consturction field with high technologies, where the Unsophisticated Sense, Rough Appearance &  Dignified and Solemn Feeling of Nature Concrete are shown. The traditional Bare Concrete Wall is constructed by the technology of Bare Concrete Film with fine polishing after the concrete was poured. It's not applicable to the easy construction and widely use because of its high construction technologies and complicated formings.

In order to simplify the construction of Bare Concrete Wall and let more and more buildings enjoy the natural beauty of Bare Concrete Wall, Leaduzz™ was established to supply the good quality Bare Concrete Wall Panels. All the Bare Concrete Wall Panels of Leaduzz™ carry the features of strong finish with unique texture, nice decorative effect, widely use range and easy construction. It can mostly reduce the cost of Bare Concrete Wall construction. And, it's the panel of light-weight high-strength, sound & heat insulation, fireproof, waterproof and termite/rat resistant. The panel can be widely used in the decoration of indoor/outdoor wall, floor, ceiling, furniture, etc., where the feeling of simple, natural and rich ZEN-like can be achieved.

Leaduzz focuses on supplying green building materials with good quality and considerable prices to the global customers. Let's work together to make the buildings more beautiful and protect the Earth at the same time.

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