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LeadWen™ Board

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LeadWen™ Board is suitable for the exterior wall of high-grade buildings such as villas and residential houses with features of artistic effect, weatherability, waterproof, wind-proof, anti-sunshine, anti-wall leakage, mildew resistance, warm-kept and heat insulation. With its high bending strength and anti-impact, LeadWen™ Board can be used as the exterior wall panel and the decorative panel for the coastal areas where often have typhoons, Euro-USA-style high-grade villas and upscale residential buildings, restaurants, art galleries, and so on. With its special wood-texture decorative effects, LeadWen™ Board is especially suitable for buildings which the felling of natural, harmonious and artistic effect are needed. The exterior wall enclosing system is composed of LeadWen™ Board, air layer and structural frame. It is ventilated, air pressure balanced, warm-kept, heat insulation. It also can resist high-class typhoon and prevent the building wall leakage. The decoration effect of the building can be improved by the wood-texture strip-shaped LeadWen™ Board and the mutual-overlapping structure, the sense of line and layering of the exterior wall can be enhanced. The concavo-convex type wood texture surface emphasizes harmony and accommodation with the nature, and embodies the harmonious relationship between human and nature. LeadWen™ Board is suitable for external walls of new buildings, and also for the renovation of old buildings.

LeadWen™ Board is a kind of exterior curtain wall panel, it's the high-class decorative panel with features of light-weight, high-strength, fireproof, waterproof, soundproof, moth-proof, heat insulation, no deformation or crack.

Non-combustible material   High-strength   Light weight
The fireproof grade according to GB8624-1997 for LeadWen™ Board is the highest Grade A1.   LeadWen™ Board fully meets the national typhoon-resistant standard for civil buildings.   No need to worry about the weight influence to the original structure.
Low water-absorption rate   Good warm-kept and heat insulation   Excellent impact-resistance
LeadWen™ Board is especially suitable for outdoor places with damp.   Warm in winter and cool in summer can be achieved.   LeadWen™ Board can be used in the places with crowd people and roadside.
Completely inorganic board   Long lifetime    
LeadWen™ Board is fireproof, mildew proof and germproof, people's healthy can be ensured.   Over 60% of the elements in the panel is the same as Granite, and over 20% is the same as Marble. The working life of LeadWen™ Board is similar to Granite and Marble.

LeadWen™ Board can be used as the clapboard and the baseboard of high-end civil villas, multistory buildings, museums and other artistic constructions.

Size mm 3000x200
Thickness mm 7.5, 9
Density g/cm3 ≥1.2
Wet expansion rate % ≤0.2
Bending strength 7.5mm N ≥246
9mm N ≥387
Fireproof Grade A1

LeadWen™ Board can be fixed on the steel keel or the wood keel.   LeadWen™ Board can be fixed on wood keel with steel nails, or be fixed on steel keel with self-tapping screws. The keel is fixed onto the wall with anchors. Cross-section width of the keel should be less than 50mm, and central distance between keels should be less than 600mm. Each board should cross three keels.
If there are just two keels for supporting the board, the distance of them should be less than 400mm.   If the wall is very flat, the board can be fixed onto the wall directly, such as flat brick wall and the walls which are smoothed out with mortars.

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