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LeadGa™ Board

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LeadGa™ Board is a kind of exterior wall curtain panel for high buildings with features of high density, high strength and low water absorption rate.   It's specially suitable for the exterior wall curtain for modern high-class buildings because it's weather resistant, waterproof, mildew proof, anti-wind, anti-sunshine, anti-wall leakage, warm-kept and heat insulation.

Long duration   High Strength   Excellent performance and low cost
Over 60% of the elements in the panel is the same as Granite, and over 20% is the same as Marble. The working life of LeadGa™ Board is similar to Granite and Marble.   The Min. Strength parallel to the fiber direction inside is over 15MPa, and the Max. Strength perpendicular to the fiber direction inside is over 20MPa.   LeadGa™ Board has the optimal cost performance than the other similar products, such as the real asbestos-free mid-density calcium silicate boards.
Low moisture absorption and low water absorption   Good sound insulation   Excellent impact strength
So that LeadGa™ Board is very suitable for outdoor places and wet construction areas indoor, such as bathroom, kitchen, etc.   LeadGa™ Board is particularly suitable for the building with high privacy demands as the sound insulation wall/ceiling.   Because of it's excellent anti-impact strength, LeadGa™ Board is suitable for places with high flow density, such as shopping malls, hotel corridors, schools, dancing halls, hospital outpatient areas, etc.
Excellent general chemical corrosion resistance   Inorganic Panel   No radioactivity
Users do not need to worry about where is the appropriate place to use the panel.   LeadGa™ Board is fireproof, moldproof and anti-bacterial, the user's health can be ensured.   LeadGa™ Board can be used in any part of any building which can make the environment more safe for users.
Excellent Fireproof   Light-weight, low water absorption rate     
LeadGa™ Board is the completely incombustible material, it's classified as the highest level A1 of GB8624-2006 standard. The panel also meet the requirements of ISO-1182 standard. So that the user's fire safety can be protected;   The density of LeadGa™ Board is over 1.4, and the water absorption rate is 28% less. LeadGa™ Board can be used to the new building and no need to consider the additional loads to the structure & the wall. Furthermore, LeadGa™ Board is good for the exterior wall renew of old buildings or to fix the wall leakage without worrying the weight affect to the original structure.

Ventilated curtain wall   Curtain wall and indoor drywall   Indoor wall and ceiling
It is composed of LeadGa™ Board, filling material, air layer and structural frame. It is ventilated, air pressure balanced, warm-kept, heat insulation. It also can resist high-class typhoon and prevent the building wall leakage.   LeadGa™ Board is impact resistance, high bending strength, especially suitable for the curtain wall of the high-class villa & building in coastal areas where have typhoon often. And, it's also suitable for indoor partitions in places of mess people, such as schools, shopping malls, theaters, etc.   LeadGa™ Board has very nice sound insulation performance, it is suitable for the wall partition and ceiling suspension in five-star hotels, bedrooms, public entertainment places, etc. with high requirements of sound insulation & privacy.
Exterior wall decoration   Others    
LeadGa™ Board can improve the decorative effect of the building with it's big-size and plain surface. It's suitable for new buildings and the exterior wall renovation of old buildings.   -- as the ceiling panel, wall panel or bottom liner of the medical clean room/operating room/production workshop;
-- as the ceiling panel, wall panel or bottom liner in the clean room of scientific laboratory;
-- as the damp ceiling panel in the swimming pool.

Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
1220 2440, 3050 9, 12, 15

Density g/cm3 >1.40
Water content % ≤10
Change after water absorbed % ≤0.25
Bending Strength (Dry) MPa D1.5(Ⅳ) average≥16
Asbestos content 100% free of asbestos
Radioactivity Internal exposure index Ir<1.0 Meet radioactivity requirements of main building materials and decoration materials Class-A, unrestricted use
External exposure index IRa<1.0
Fireproof Grade A1

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