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LeadGranite™ Board

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LeadGranite™ Board is a kind of Fiber Cement Board for decoration but with special granite like textures on its two faces, one face with exquisite grains and the other face with strong 3D grains, it's as good effect as Granite and it can achieve the effects of which Marble or Cast Finish Concrete offers.   So it's called Granite Fiber Cement Board. It can replace the traditional Cast Finish Concrete Wall and no need the complex construction technology and processing.

Nice Artistic Effects:   Green Material:   Easy Construction:
High concrete content, strong concrete-like feelings of Natural & Modest & Generous & Matronly, unique textures for nice decoration effect.     The raw materials of LeadGranite™ Board are natural Portland cement and Plant Fabric, without any toxic emission materials in the production.   LeadGranite™ Board can be cut, perforated, burnished, it's very easy for construction. The traditional wet & dry construction methods can be used to improve the construction efficiency.
Waterproof & Moisture-proof:   Heat Protection & Insulation:   Sound Insulation:
LeadGranite™ Board has very nice performances of waterproof, moisture-proof and high stability because of it's high density & high concrete content. The Change Rate after Water Absorption is less than 3%.   With the structure of Portland Cement and Plant Fabric, the Heat Transfer Coefficient of LeadGranite™ Board is 0.176W/(M.K), similar to the Gypsum Board, and better than the Sand Lime Brick (1.1W/(M.K)).   The main component of LeadGranite™ Board is Portland Cement which make the board high strength & rigidity, and also increase the soundproof performance for the system.
Comfortable Living Function:   Excellent Fireproof Performance:   Space Saving:
With the unique structure of concrete fine holes in LeadGranite™ Board, it can adjust the room humidity in a specific range and make the living more comfortable. The unique cast finish concrete decorated effects on the board surfaces give people the fresh feeling and taste.   LeadGranite™ Board is non-combustible, it can absorb a large number of heats and delay the increase of environment temperature while on fire. It's fire endurance can be 8 hours, the highest fireproof grade 1, but the Gypsum Board can only get to the fireproof Grade 3.   The thickness of wall body can be decreased greatly while using LeadGranite™ Board to build the Cast Finish Concrete Wall, the performance of soundproof and fireproof can also be ensured. Thus, the room space can be increased accordingly.
Light Weight:   Wide Application Range:   Nice Decoration Effects:
Base on its high-density & high concrete content, LeadGranite™ Board is high strength and not easy-break, the blending strength and the blending broken load are higher than the normal cement boards. When LeadGranite™ Board is used for wall partition, the weight is about 1/15 of brick walls and 1/10 of aerated concrete brick walls in the same thickness. It's good for the impact resistance of the structure and it can reduce construction costs of the building base and body.   Limited by the complex construction technology the traditional Cast Finish Concrete Wall has small application range, but LeadGranite™ Board break that limitation. The new-type Cast Finish Concrete Wall can be expanded to the area of the Commercial Space, the Office Space, the Entertainment Space and even the civil house, the school, the exhibition hall, etc.   With its plate surface, seamless surface can be got after joint treatment between boards. It can be decorate with the surfaces. Because the board is the same inside and outside, many kinds of joint treatment can be used. It has different pattern in its two faces, construction coloring can be done directly on its fine pattern face and ceramic tiles can be pasted directly on its rough pattern face.

LeadGranite™ Board has a wide application range, it can be used to the Interior/Exterior Wall, Ceiling, Floor, Furniture, Sound Insulation Wall, etc. Unique decoration effect can be got when it's used as the face material, and safety can be got when it's used as the base material.

Size mm 1200x2400x6/8
Density kg/m3 1600
Fireproof Grade A1
Elastic coefficient N/mm2 3000
Impact resistance No cracks, stripping, penetration and cracking
Water permeability No water drop backside after 24h test
Change after water absorbed % <3%
Bending strength Vertical kgf/cm2 322
Horizontal kgf/cm2 216
Bend broken load Vertical kgf 87
Horizontal kgf 58
Heat transfer coefficient(K) W/m·K 0.176

ITEM LeadGranite™ Board Other Fiber Cement Boards
Specifications 1200x2400mm 1220x2440mm
Density 1.6 (high waterproof & damp-proof) 1.3 (low waterproof & damp proof)
Surface Nice effects on rough/fine texture surfaces, suitable for face materials No texture, unsuitable for face materials
Cement content High (high strength, no easy broken) Low (low strength, easy broken)
Construction pollution Toxic free, no dust & no cutting pollution High dust & high cutting pollution

1- Panel Fixed:   2- Surface treatment:
-- Use the 9mm thickness MDF as the base board, fixed and leveled.
-- Cut the panel to the size needed, 120t dense tooth saw blade or the Tungsten saw blade is recommended. Then drill the decorative holes in advance with the electric drill.
-- Use the Non-acid structural glue to fix the panel. Firstly, glue the edges around the panel backside surface and glue dot-type inside the panel surface, then fix it to the base wall.
  -- Paint the surface coating for the panel with anti-yellow PU-type transparent paint.
  3- Joint treatment:
  -- Leave a 3~8mm wide gap between the joint of two panels, fill the gap with structural glue (color black, silver, etc.).
  4- Hole drilling:
  -- Drill the holes with electric drill before the panel installation, the deep and the width of the holes are set by needs.

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