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LeadStron™ Board

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LeadStron™ Board is a kind of fiber cement board in mid/high density which is used as the floor slab paved on the channel steel structure for the space optimization of high distance between floor to floor in the building. LeadStron™ Board is light-weight, fast construction, environmental friendly, long life, fireproof, design personalized, simple but fashion.

Fireproof and Electric Insulation Waterproof and Moisture proof Heat and Sound insulation
Class A fireproof, LeadStron™ Board is non-combustible and no toxic smoke release under fire. It's also the ideal insulating material with low conductive coefficient. The performance stability of LeadStron™ Board can be kept even in exposed and high humidity places, no subsidence and deformation. LeadStron™ Board has very good thermal insulation performance because of it's low thermal conductivity, and nice sound insulation for it's high density.
Light Weight but High Strength  Long Life Economical but Beautiful
LeadStron™ Board is made by 5000 tons of hydraulic pressure, it's high strength and not easy deformation or warping. LeadStron™ Board is suitable for the applications of roof sheathing and ceiling. LeadStron™ Board is acid & alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture proof and anti-pests, the long service life can be ensured because the strength and hardness of the board can be increased with time. LeadStron™ Board can effectively reduce the cost of construction and decoration for it's light-weight. With the appearance of uniform color, smooth surface, uniform color of the building surface can be achieved.
Safe and Harmless Easy Construction Good for Processing and Renovation
The radioactivity is lower than the National Standard, the value is equal to the lawn 20 meters away from the surrounding buildings. It's the dry-way construction, easy and fast. Deep processed products also have the advantages of simple construction and better performance. LeadStron™ Board can be saw, drilled, carved, nailed, finished, tiles/wallpapers pasted according to your needs.

Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm)
1200 2400 20~30

Commercial Constructions: Industrial Constructions:
commercial buildings, entertainment, shopping malls, hotels. factories, warehouses, tunnels.
Residential Constructions: Public Places:
new type residential houses, decoration or renovation. hospitals, theaters, stations

1- Construction Procedures:
Place horizontal lines on the wall, and brush the steels with anti-rust paint for the first time → Slot the wall and fix the steel U-beam girder → Set up the primary I-beam → weld the secondary beam and brush again the anti-rusting paint for the steels → Install LeadStron™ Board
2- Construction Processes:
2.1 Places horizontal lines on the wall, and brush the steels with anti-rust paint for the first time;
2.2 Slot the wall and fix the steel U-beam girder  
2.2.1 Slot the wall on the position of horizontal lines and make grooves about 2cm deep, remove the wall plastering until the reinforced concretes are exposed. 2.2.2 After the plastering removed, the attic steel structure can be directly connected to the reinforced concrete with main beam inside, then the entire steel structure on the wall will have a stronger acting point.
2.2.3 The groove and the channel structure have the same width, the channel will be embedded into the groove, then bolted into the solid wall firmly and welded. The channel and reinforced concrete walls are closely linked into one body. So that the weight of the structure, the human body and the goods can be transmitted through the channel to the wall. Different from the ordinary loft structures, the wall like that is not a single point of force but a face, the safety will be increased.

2.2.4 That requires a high density of bolts distribution, the structure will be safe enough, but the construction difficulty will be increased.
2.3 The I-beam and U-beam selected have the same width, after the head and the foot of two ends were removed, the I-beam will be inserted to the U-beam and welded. The distance for every I-beam is about 60cm. 2.6 Nailing Requirements: The length of self-tapping screw should be 55-60mm (it can be adjusted according to the thickness of the board and the type of steel used). Drill the hole first then nail the screw, the hole should be bigger than the screw cap, screw head shall not be prominent over the board surface. Nailing starts from the center of the board then move out around and the edge nailing will be the last. Edge nailing should be about 20mm away from the edge of the board. The nailing distance for centers' is about 600mm, and for the edge about 300mm. Screws should be nailed while all boards are paved (pay attention to the entire lay-out and the gap).
2.4 Weld the angle beam, and brush the anti-rust paint for the last time, then fix the angle beam to the mail beam and the whole structure will be formed. The distance between angle beams is also 60cm.
2.5 Install LeadStron™ Board: Before the installation, the top surface of welds must be polished and the welding splash should be cleaned. The longitudinal side of LeadStron™ Board should be parallel to the main beam and any edge of the plate shall not be suspended. A gap of 3-5mm between boards is needed, and the joint shall be located at the center of the beam. 2.7 Joints: While paving LeadStron™ Board, a 3-5mm gap between boards & board to wall is needed (for wooden floor, the gap can be reduced properly). Fill the gap with the silicone sealant or elastic putty filling.

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