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LeadTox™ Board​

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LeadTox™ Board is a new kind partition board for high quality buildings. It is compounded of patella cement, silver sand, porcelain granule, with fiberglass mash reinforced. With the structure like cement wall, LeadTox™ Board has excellent stability and durability. It is widely used for interior and exterior partition in Europe, America and Japan. With its innovative dual sides design, the board can be fixed with ceramic tile, stone board or glass on its rough side; while its smooth side can be fixed with wallpaper or be painted. It is ideal for high class residential building, high-tech factory, shopping mall, restaurant and hotel, etc.

Excellent Fireproof Performance Safe, Nontoxic, Healthy, Free of Radioactivity Amazing Heat Insulation, Energy Saving and Environment Protection
LeadTox™ Board has been tested and granted Grade A1 by China National Center for Quality Supervision and Testing of Fir Building Materials. In all steps of production, all raw materials are strictly selected. Tested by National Building Materials Inspection Center, LeadTox™ Board are free of formaldehyde, asbestos. Heat conductivity of LeadTox™ Board is only 0.117kcal/mhC. When used as exterior wall material or roof heat insulation material, it can effectively reduce heat radiation, and greatly increase efficiency of air conditioning system. It is ideal for energy saving architecture.
Excellent Sound Insulation Performance Rough surface - best partner of Ceramic Tiles and Marbles High Stability in Physical Performance, reliable for use
Tested by National Building Materials Inspection Center, sound insulation value (RW) of LeadTox™ Board can reach 39dB. For interior partition wall, it can effectively insulates noises between rooms; and for exterior partition wall, it also can effectively insulates the traffic noises.
LeadTox™ Board have two faces - Smooth and Rough at the same time. When the smooth face is used, it can be plastered, painted, pasted wall-paper/wall cloth directly; when rough face is used, Ceramic Tiles, Mosaic Tiles, Stone Slates, Color Glasses, Porcelain Tiles, etc. can be pasted directly; they all have very nice effects. Tested by ANSI, Ceramic Tiles stick force can reach 395psi, far above than the other common Fireproof Veneers. The component of LeadTox™ Board is similar to the concrete, their physical performances are also similar. Concrete products have been used for hundreds years, there is no doubt to its stability and safety. There is no physical change even after long term use, neither of damp and helogenation which are common in bad quality boards; it's feature of acid/alkali resistance can avoid the damage of insects due to the board rotten.
Excellent Waterproof property
Besides its fireproof performance, LeadTox™ Board is also 100% waterproof. In contrast, when in touch with water many other boards will be damaged and decayed because of their interior structure destruction. Fiber cement board even can be used as complete waterproofing material. In an experiment, a water tank made of fiber cement board was filled with 200kg water, and lasted for 120 days without leakage. It's waterproof performance was also proved by CN313777 test. When used as wall material in bathroom construction, it is suggested that after waterproofing treatment, seal all openings and fill in water 100 centimeters in depth. Leave the water for 30 days to confirm waterproof performance before renovation to avoid any leakage in the future.

Cutting and using LeadTox™ Board is as same as using calcium silicate board. Fix the board on the keel with self tapping screws, followed by putting joint mixture to seal the gap. If used in moist environment, such as bath room, waterproofing should be reinforced.

Density g/cm3 1.20
Flexural Strength Dry condition MPa 11
Water saturation condition MPa 10
Bulking Factor % 0.2
Formaldehyde Release mg/L <0.1
Activity Coefficient Qualified(Non Radioactive Substance)
Fireproof Grade A1
Moisture Absorption % 0.12
Impermeability No water drop at the bottom
Contract With Dry Rate % 0.1
Thermal Conductivity kca/mhC 0.117

Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm) Surface
1220 2440 6~25 Rough + Smooth

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