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LeadFocem™ Board is a new building material designed for modern high-rise buildings, steel-structured buildings and new ecological residential buildings, featuring in anti-seismic, energy-conservative, fireproof, damp-proof, soundproof, thin, anti-shock, space-saving, mould-proof, not degradable and anti-insects.   LeadFocem™ Board is sandwiched by two facing boards and filled with polystyrene concrete in the core layer. The face board is the Fiber Cement Board or Magnesium Board with outstanding advantages such as high-strength, fireproof, damp-proof, anti-shock and pollution-free. The core layer made of polystyrene concrete heavily reduces the weight and enables the panel to form multi-arched structures and have high flexural strength and compressive resistance. The groove and tongue structure helps to build a strong and stable structure in one piece. The industrialized production helps shorten the construction period and enhance the installation efficiency, also the panel is nice decoration and easy for installing piping. Since the wallboard is light and thin, it greatly reduces the loads of the foundation, beams and columns and thus lowers the construction cost and increase the usable area. No coat plastering is required for the smooth facing board and the construction period can be greatly shortened. LeadFocem™ Board is ushering into a new period in the modernized construction field.
Filled with well-mixed polyphenyl granule and special cement, LeadFocem™ Board is light weight with good heat preservation, sound proof, heat insulation, fire proof and high weather ability. It is also resistant to degradation, mildew, termites. Honeycomb structure formed by evenly distributed polyphenyl granule gives the wallboard high impact resistance and good nail-holding grip.    

Fireproof:   Energy-conservative:
LeadFocem™ Board has outstanding fire-proof performance. The fire resistance limit excesses 5 hours under 1000oC with no emission of poisonous gases. The non-flammability has reached A Grade standard as per GB8624-1997 under the tests run by the National Center for Testing of Fire Building Materials. It can be applied as fire-proof walls in steel-structured or concrete-structured industrial and civil constructions such as theaters, shops, factories and warehouses, or fire-proof coating for steel-structure beams and columns, or fire-proof enclosures for gas duct sealing and elevator shaft, etc. The polystyrene concrete in LeadFocem™ Board core layer forms a honeycomb structure which ensures good heat-insulating performance with low heat conduction value, while most other panels are of hollow structure in which case the air flow accelerates the heat conduction and thus have lower heat-insulating performance than LeadFocem™ Board. With a density of 750kg/m3, LeadFocem™ Board weights only 1/5 of other panels that are of the same performance and helps save 80% transportation costs.
Environment-friendly:     Light-weight:
The facing board of LeadFocem™ Board has been certified by National Environment Protection Administration and the core layer of the panel mainly consists of fly ash and polystyrene beads. It's nonpoisonous, no harms to domestic animals, non-radioactive and meets the GB6566-2001 standard.
LeadFocem™ Board weights only 750kg/m3, in other words, 1m2 of LeadFocem™ Board weighs only 1/5 that of solid brick walls and 1/2 of common light walls. 50mm, 75mm, 100mm thick LeadFocem™ Boards can be freely used for separations on regular construction flooring and no damages will be caused to the structure. (The required flooring loading capacity should be more than 240kg/m2).
Anti-seismic:   Increase usable area & decrease  construction cost:
As one piece, LeadFocem™ Board has a sandwich compound structure. The cement fiber facing board also has high strength and excellent tensile and shear resistance. The panel is pre-fabricated and the in-between of panels are connected with re-bars. The groove and tongue ends are connected with high-strength polymeric anti-crack mortar and makes the anti-shock performance 1.5 times stronger than that of common brick walls. The entire strength will be highly enhanced after combining with steel structure framework anchoring fixation. The installation is of high efficiency and avoids the pouring and curing process of concrete beams and columns. It has outstanding anti-seismic performance applying in building extra-high and wide-spanned walls and meets the National Standard of "No Damages from Small Earthquakes, Repairable from Middle Earthquakes and No Collapse from Large Earthquakes." 75mm thick LeadFocem™ Board (plastering-exempted) is 85mm thinner than that of a 120mm thick brick wall (160mm thick with coat plastering), every 11.76 linear meter of LeadFocem™ Board Wall increase 1m2 usable area and the entire area usage rate increases about 5%. With the same usable area, take a 100m2 room for example, using LeadFocem™ Board help increase about 5m2 usable area. So using LeadFocem™ Board as separation walls can highly increase the use value and create invisible value (50mm LeadFocem™ Board is most preferred in Shops).
LeadFocem™ Board weighs about 750kg/m3 and 1/5 of regular brick walls, thus it greatly reduces the dead weight of the building. By using LeadFocem™ Board, the usage amount of materials for foundations, beams and columns can be greatly reduced and thus lowers the total construction costs.
Soundproof:   Waterproof and Damp-proof:
Both the high-density Fiber Cement Board/Magnesium Board and Honeycomb structured core layer have excellent soundproof and sound absorbing performances. 100mm and 125mm LeadFocem™ Board are rated 50dB sound-insulation and can be widely applied in places which demands good soundproof performances such as KTV, Modern Classroom with Configuration, Theaters, Concert halls and Conference rooms, etc. The reinforced fiber cement or Fiberglass Magnesium facing board has outstanding waterproof performance; it doesn't suffer from moister even in highly moisture environment and moisture climate. The water tank made of LeadFocem™ Board doesn't leak or mould or crack. The external side has no condensed water. LeadFocem™ Board can be applied in moisture environment such as kitchens, bathrooms, basements, Sound rooms and under-ground civil defenses.
High Stability & Excellent Anti-aging Performance:   Easily Stick and Nail:
Three layers of LeadFocem™ Board are made of cement and have excellent stability. The deformation rte is low while the softening coefficient is high. Also it has good acid and alkaline resistance. It meets the requirements for construction life cycle since it does not turn halide, or mould, or crack, or suffer from oxidation or weathering. LeadFocem™ Board can stick strongly with building glue, cement mortar and internal/external wall dopes. Tiles, marbles and wooden plaque can be directly stuck. Unlike the hollow walls which can't be nailed or hanged, the hanging force of each single points of LeadFocem™ Board Board is more than 1000N, nails or expansion bolts can be directly drilled into the panel for hanging heavy appliances such as ACs, TVs and kitchen ventilators. Wiring and piping channels can be cut directly in the panel.
Short Construction Period, High Efficiency and No Pollution:   Simple Installation and Clean Construction Site:
Pre-fabricated installation applied; smooth facing board which requires no plastering; no scaffold needed for walls not higher than 3.2m; thin-webbed structure; low transportation volume; several times more efficient than building regular walls. Regular labors are able to learn to install panels within a short period of simple training. The installation tools are simple and the length/width can be easily adjusted by cutting. LeadFocem™ Boards can be easily stored and merely have no wastage. Since it generates little construction garbage, using LeadFocem™ Board helps create a clean construction site.

ITEM UNIT Performance
125mm 100mm 75mm 50mm
Density kg/m2 ≤90 ≤80 ≤70 ≤50
Standard dry shrinkage mm/m ≤0.36 ≤0.29 ≤0.33 ≤0.49
Sound insulation value in air dB ≥53 ≥50 ≥47 ≥35
Impact strength No transfixion cracks times 10 10 10 5
Bend strength Board self-weight multiple (Load applied) ≥7.8 ≥6.0 ≥6.0 ≥6.0
Hanging strength N 1000 1000 1000 1000
Max fire resistance H 5.0 4.3 3.0 2.0
Fireproof Grade Grade A
Heat conductivity w/m2k 1.7 1.7 1.7 1.7
Softening coefficient 0.84 0.9 0.89 1.0
Compressive strength 3.6 4.1 5.1 6.1
Water content % 5.1 5.9 6.0 3.6
Anti-helogenation No water bead, no damp
Antitoxic No poison gas emanate in high temperature
Water impermeability Waterproof

1. Board movement:   2. Line drawing:   3. Mount fixer:
To avoid over blended, single person carry is prohibit.   Draw up and down double lines upon board's thickness on axis of wall. To keep the partition wall straight, base line should be vertical to the base line of girder / board bottom.   On base of median, mount a angle iron fixer (l=200mm, 25x25x3) under girder / board bottom after each two wallboards.
4. Saw the wallboard:   5. Plastering:   6. Fix:
Saw the wallboard with electrical saw according to wall size.   First plaster one cement paste on edge joint of two wallboards, then plaster polymer mortar on any edge joint of one wallboard.   Fix the wallboard with Ø6 or Ø8mm steel rod with building glue.
7. Flat & vertical correction:   8. Grouting, refill slurry:   9. Wire & switch installation:
Flat & vertical correction with 2m or above long ruler.   Grout and slick the wall gap, full fill the big gap up & down with cement.   Line the position for wires & switches, cut groove with hand-saw. Grout & slick with polymer mortar after installation.
10. Paste crack tap:   11. Paint or Paste wallpaper:   12. Paste ceramic tiles or wallboard:
Paste crack tap with glue on all joint gaps after all wallboards jointed.   After wall installation, puttying and paint or paste wallpaper, no need plastering.   After wall installation, ceramic tiles or decorative wallslate can be pasted freely, no need plastering.

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