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LeadDamp™ Board

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LeadDamp™ Damping Sound Insulation Board is composited by two fireproof LeadMgo™ (Magnesium Oxide) panels as the faceboards and a high performance Damping Sound Insulation Felt in the middle. With this insolate structure, 85% of the noise went through the wall can be reduced. While LeadDamp™ Damping Sound Insulation Board start vibrating by the hit of noise waves, the damping felt inside the board will surf the force of press & cut, the damping felt can effectively absorb the mechanic energy of noise waves and turn them into heat energy and consume them, this increase the sound insulation effects obviously. Better sound insulation effect of the board, less vibration range and fast vibration reduction under the hit of exterior waves or noises. LeadDamp™ Damping Sound Insulation Board is a kind of high-performance sound insulation / vibration absorption board with features of Fireproof, Environmental-friendly, harm-free to human, no radioactivity. It meets China Standard GB6566-2001 requirements of Energy/Place saving, Recycling, Easy reconstruction and No second pollution to the environment. LeadDamp™ Damping Sound Insulation Board is easy installation, low wastage, easy transportation, work-force saving and drill-able, nail-able, saw-able.

Easy Installation Environmental Friendly & Fireproof Crack resistant
It can be cut, saw, easy installation with the other decorative materials. E1 for Environment Protection, Grade A1 for fireproof performance; It can avoid the crack after hit, even in the humid environment;
High Sound Insulation Effect Weather Resistant & Long Life
Average 50dB; With features of Water-resistant, Heatproof and Anti-UV, no performance change even under rain or temperature change;

LeadDamp™ Sound Insulation Board series are mainly used for sound insulation, partition, decoration, waterproofing, heat insulation in buildings, such as TV station, Cinema, Opera house, Music hall, Conference centre, Gymnasium, Stereo room, Home, Mall, Hotel, Karaoke, Restaurant and Metro station, etc.

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