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LeadSound™ Panel

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LeadSound™ Sound Absorption Board is made by high quality Leaduzz™ Magnesium Board as the baseboard and special technology of punching, etc. whose surface also can be decorated by coatings or HPL laminates, it is the building material with very good sound-absorbing performance, and it can avoid the problems of the other materials for lower Impact resistance and easy broken after punching. It is the best sound-absorbing material for ceilings and walls currently.

* Excellent sound-absorbing effect with punching rate up to 15%~20%. * Color, pattern, style are changeable as your favourite.
* Waterproof, environment-friendly with excellent property. * Easy installation, time & cost of installation can be saved.

LeadSound™ Sound Absorption Board is widely used in Theatre, Hall, Meeting-room, Museum, Hospital, Mall, Office building, Music-room, Stadium, Auditorium, Dancing-room, Studio room, Generator room and so on, for ceilings and walls.

Various specifications and patterns are available, OEM/ODM are also welcomed. Diameter for punching holes is 6/8/10mm, distance from holes is 20x20mm, 30~50mm edge is available, and Non-woven Fabrics can be attached on the back.

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