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LeadMgo™ Board

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LeadMgo™ Board is a kind of environment-friendly board material which is made in one-time production modeling by using the modern new technologies after many years of research and technical innovation. The material has a wide range of application. It can replace the Wooden Board, Medium Density Fiber (MDF) Board, Gypsum/Plaster Board and Calcium Silicate Board. That is, it can be applied in indoor partition wall and ceiling decoration in Office Buildings, Hotels and Malls, etc. It can also be used in such industries as Furniture Manufacturing, Fireproofing Doors, Ventilation Ducts and other industries where board materials are needed.

* 100% free of asbestos, no smoke or poison gas release on fire, creating a green and healthy living space * Excellent heat insulation performance lowers cold and hot energy consumption * Good fireproof property, with incombustibility reaching Grade A under GB8624-1997
* Water and moisture resistant, free from the impact of condensed water bead or moist air * Superior sound insulation performance ensures peaceful and graceful living environment * The Board is high strength, good stability and good flexibility without any deformation
* Fast and convenient construction improves working efficiency * Light-weight, ageing-resistant and long performance life * Protection against mould, bacterium, insects and termites

Width(mm) Length(mm) Thickness(mm) Color
1220 2440 3~25 White, Grey, Black
Note: Other sizes/colors can be customized.

Apparent density T/m3 1.0<ρ≤1.2 1.1
Moisture content % ≤8 5
Rupture strength MPa ≥10 12
Impact strength kJ/m2 ≥2.0 2.6
Screw holding strength N/mm ≥20 48
Drying shrinkage % <0.3 0.2
Water swelling rate % <0.6 0.4
Moisture-resistance Without bead or moisture
Chloride content % ≤10 7
Appearance Smooth surface, trim sides and corners, without such defects as crack, damage, divided layer, groove, ripple

Processing: Gap Filling:
* LeadMgo™ Boards can be cut manually with common flady saws or handsaws. They can also be cut and shaped by electric circular dentate saws or curvilinear saws. If board thickness is less than 10mm, a cutting blade can be used. * Apply adequate filling materials into the gap about 3mm in width.
* Use a 50mm drawknife to bury punched-tapes into the gap. Seal the surface completely by filling materials.
* Drill-holes or Square-holes on the board can be made by Elec-drill or other hole makers with distance not less than 10mm from the edge. * Sand the joint surface gently after the joint filler is completely cured/dried. Apply a second layer filling materials with a 200mm drawknife.
* Sand the joint surface gently again after the joint filler is completely cure/dried. The wall panel is now ready for plaster or paint according to the specified surface requirements.

Package: Handling: Storage:
* For short-distance transport of magnesium boards by truck, manual loading and unloading is adopted, and dunnages or other special packages are not required. * Handling by only one person is prohibited. Sides and corners must be protected. * Make sure that the bottom is plain, the height of each pile is less than 1000mm and the storage height is less than 3000mm.
* For long-distance or container transport, the pallet packing may be suggested. * Two workers are required to lift the board, with two hands stretching as much as possible to hold the two sides of the board and to prevent over-bending of the board. * Boards vertically placed should not be scattered, pile them in an orderly way by specifications and type.
* The board should be carried vertically. When the thickness of the board is less than 8mm, it is suggested to carry two boards in one time. * The storage place shall be dry without any water leak or penetration to ensure the excellent performance of the boards.

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