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LeadDux™ Board

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LeadDux™ Board is a kind of fiber cement board which is made by special treatments of forming, pressurization and high-temperature steam curing on based of high-level cement and reinforced by natural fiber.   LeadDux™ Board is a new-type of building panel with excellent performances and 100% free of Asbestos.

Fireproof and Electric Insulation:   Easy Construction:   Heat and Sound insulation:
Class A fireproof, LeadDux™ Board is non-combustible and no toxic smoke release under fire. It's also the ideal insulating material with low conductive coefficient.   It's the dry-way construction, easy and fast. Deep processed products also have the advantages of simple construction and better performance.   LeadDux™ Board has very good thermal insulation performance because of it's low thermal conductivity, and nice sound insulation for it's high density.
Light Weight but High Strength:   Long Life:   Economical but Beautiful:
LeadDux™ Board is made by 5000 tons of hydraulic pressure, it's high strength and not easy deformation or warping. LeadDux™ Board is suitable for the applications of roof sheathing and ceiling.   LeadDux™ Board is acid & alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture proof and anti-pests, the long service life can be ensured because the strength and hardness of the board can be increased with time.   LeadDux™ Board can effectively reduce the cost of construction and decoration for it's light-weight. With the appearance of uniform color, smooth surface, uniform color of the building surface can be achieved.
Safe and Harmless:   Waterproof and Moisture proof:   Good for Processing and Renovation:
The radioactivity is lower than the National Standard, the value is equal to the lawn 20m away from the surrounding buildings.   The performance stability of LeadDux™ Board can be kept even in exposed and high humidity places, no subsidence and deformation.   LeadDux™ Board can be saw, drilled, carved, nailed, finished, tiles/wallpapers pasted according to your needs.

LeadDux™ Board can be used as the Curtain Wall Panel, Exterior/Interior/Toilet Partition Wall, Ceiling, Outdoor Adv. Panel, Heat-Insulation Board, and so on.

Width (mm) Length (mm) Thickness (mm)
1200 2400 4~30

Commercial Constructions:   Residential Constructions:
commercial buildings, entertainment, shopping malls, hotels.   new type residential houses, decoration or renovation.
Industrial Constructions:   Public Places:
factories, warehouses, tunnels.   hospitals, theaters, stations

Density g/cm3 1.56
Water absorption % 25.6
Water content % 18.1
Water permeability No water drop backside after 24h test
Change after water absorbed % <0.25
Frost resistance No break or crack after 25 freeze/thaw cycles
Fireproof Grade A1
Bending strength Dry MPa 20.3
Water saturated MPa 13

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